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Application of Maleic Resin In Nitro Anti Termite Insect Paint

The invention mainly uses the film-forming substances in the formula (alkyd resin, modified alkyd resin, maleic resin or nitrocellulose ester), special pyrethroid insecticides, zinc stearate, butyl acetate, Defoamer, wood furniture, wood flooring and other wood products in the coating process, the formation of anti-termite pest control film, so as to prevent termites and other moths on the decay of wood. With anti-termite pest control efficiency, good decorative effect, the advantages of simple construction, can be used for modern wood furniture, home decoration and painting.


The weight ratio of the formula is: 1. 12 to 25 percent of the castor oil modified alkyd resin or the alkyd resin, the maleic resin or the mixture thereof; 2. ethyl acetate or isobutanol, xylene organic solvent or their 55 to 65% of the mixture, 0.15 to 0.45% of defoamer, 1.50 to 6.00% of plasticizer, 9.50 to 15.50% of cellulose nitrate, 2.50 to 8.50% of zinc stearate, Insecticides pyrethroid 0.50 ~ 2.50%, 7. anti-settling agent 2.50 ~ 4.50%.