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How To Use Water Based Emulsion In Adhesive Tape Manufacturing

The clear gel was prepared by adding water to the Water Based Emulsion, which had to be handled with care. The clarity of the final clearcoat depends on the amount of Water Based Emulsion added to the formulation. More than 1% of the amount of the opacity imparted to the product is transparent. The slightly cloudy gel can be made transparent by the addition of a 5% solvent such as glycerol, preferably treated Deionized water containing metal ions.


Water Based Emulsion is compatible with other polar organic solvents. The clear gel may even contain more than 50% ethanol. Typically, a water / alcohol mixture is added to the it. Ethanol can be used to solubilize active additives Avoid the use of BF-225 like hydrogenated castor oil. In this way, transparent oils containing essential oils, oil-soluble UV sunscreens, active additives, film-forming agents can be readily prepared. In the case of high ethanol content the traditional preservatives are not suitable.